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Brett Snow

Retired Lt. Chicago Fire Department (32-year veteran of the fire service)


Venice Florida 


Ordained Minister- International Fellowship of Ministries(IFM), Bothell, WA.


PhD – Clinical Christian Counseling, Colorado Theological Seminary, The Villages, FL.


MA- Public Safety, Lewis University, Romeoville, IL.


BS- Applied Behavioral Science, National Louis University, Chicago, IL. 


Paramedic- Retired



Detox Specialist- understanding detox pathways and how our bodies manage oxidative stress. The Heath Sciences Academy


Nutrition for Cancer Prevention- researching and understanding cancer biology and the cancer fighting properties of plant-based compounds. The Health Sciences Academy. 

Additional Post-Graduate Training

  •  Premarital Counseling- National Christian Counseling Association (NCCA)

  •  Counseling families of Children with Disabilities- NCCA

  •  Couples Therapy- NCCA

  •  Father-Daughter Connection- NCCA

  •  Marriage and Family- NCCA

  •  Joy in the Midst of Mourning- NCCA

  •  Counseling for Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder PTSD- NCCA

  •  Counseling for the Sick or Terminally ill- NCCA

  •  Cancer Biology- sponsored through Johns Hopkins University

  •  Cancer Metastasis- Sponsored by Johns Hopkins University

  •  Genetics of Cancer- Sponsored through Melbourne University

  •  Epigenetics of Cancer- Sponsored through Melbourne University

Work Experience


Learn More About These Projects Here

  •  Association between living in faith and the probability of experiencing the

  • emotional/psychological side effects common amongst first responders.

  •  “Mission Deprivation”- the impact of first responders being deprived of their duties.

  •  Fire service impacts on spouses/significant others.

  •  Current- The long-term impact of childhood divorce.

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